Gusto & Grace Journal, Volume 3, Issue 3

gusto & grace journal Mar 01, 2022

A monthly letter from the desk of Sarah Fejfar

Hey there!

I hope you enjoyed an outstanding February and got out and made the most of it.

Oregon truly is magical. We certainly got out and saw a lot of it this month.  My favorite adventure goes to a full-sun perfect-powder day downhill skiing on Mount Hood and enjoying a picnic lunch outside… but cross-country skiing on Hood the following weekend was a very close second; it’s such a peaceful sport!

All that said, I’m curious…

What did you learn last month?

Here are a few of my February learnings:

  •  Changing the game: Last week I wrapped up production on a 3-day virtual event for a client and their feedback afterwards was “you changed the game for us.” It was a high-profile client, and I think because of that, the comment took me by surprise.  It reminded me how easy it is to live and breathe a thing (like events, for me) and then take what I consider table stakes or common-sense...
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Gusto & Grace Journal, Volume 3, Issue 2

gusto & grace journal Feb 01, 2022

A monthly letter from the desk of Sarah Fejfar

Hey there

Happy February to you!

I hope your January was filled with progress and fun. I feel like I blinked and it was over!

My favorite adventure was a 4.5-mile hike on Cape Falcon in Oswald West State Park. There’s such a feeling of accomplishment after doing hard things. The views down the Oregon Coast were sublime. I am in awe that we get to live here and share these experiences as a family.

The most memorable adventure though, goes to the time we went sledding on Mt. Hood and it took 6.5 hours to get home vs. 1.5… traffic on a sunny Sunday; omg.  Glad we had a good audiobook to listen to!

All that said, I’m curious…

What did you learn last month?

Here are a few of my January learnings:

  •  Expansive, Abundant Thinking: On all our weekend adventure road trips, we’ve been listening to Harry Potter via Audible, and this quote from book 5 caught my ear in January: “The thing about growing up with...
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Gusto & Grace Journal, Volume 3, Issue 1

gusto & grace journal Jan 01, 2022

A monthly letter from the desk of Sarah Fejfar

 2022!!! Let’s go!!!

I love sharing about adventures. Our family (and my business) had an epic December.  The biggest smiles and widest eyes came from a (very long, oy!) hike along the Trail of Ten Falls in Silver Falls State Park here in Oregon. It’s a must-do adventure during the rainy season, that’s for sure.

But there were certainly a lot of runner ups for favorite adventures… attempting to cut our own Christmas tree in a National Forest, sledding in many feet of fresh powder on Mount Hood, being called up by Santa to help elf, baking Christmas cookies, drive-thru Christmas lights, family walks, playing fetch with Max on Cannon Beach, and celebrating the New Year eating chocolate fondue while watching fireworks in Dubai, Sydney, London, Montreal, and NYC courtesy of YouTube.

All that said, I’m curious…

What did you learn last month?

Here are a few of my December learnings:


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Wipe the WHOLE table!

sarah's blog Dec 30, 2021

I decided to switch things up today so after my morning walk, I hit up our local coffee shop.  I’m a fan of the smell of coffee, but not the taste.  I’ve trained myself to be an unsweetened iced tea drinker so I can sit here with a drink on the table and not feel awkward. 

Why am I here?

Well, there’s no laundry to fold or dishes to wash so my ADD brain must stay seated and work. 

Anyways, one of the workers came by to wipe the tables around me and made a swipe through a couple of tables. 

Stuff like that makes my blood boil. 

Excellence is wiping the whole freaking table, not just the one spot where there’s a leftover crumb.

Can I get an Amen?! 

Where can you show your event guests that excellence wins in your book?

Really give it some thought.  When were you at an event and you noticed something?  Something that made you go hmm.  This person / brand / business CARES about ME.

Make it an outstanding day.



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PDX Carpet. It’s a thing.

sarah's blog Dec 23, 2021

Who knew?  The carpet at the Portland International Airport is a thing.  Google it and you’ll see what I mean.

I guess it’s basically a nighttime picture of the north and south runways meeting.

They say it’s a hipster icon.

Have you seen it?

People take pictures of their feet on it and post to the socials.

They want to show everyone ‘they were there.’

It’s a badge of honor.

That’s how your event guests want to feel.

They want to show off to their friends and family a picture of themselves at YOUR event.

And they’ll do that because of what it will say about who they are or who they’re working to become.

What do you want that to look like at your event?

What do you want them to be ‘saying’ to their community with the selfie they take at your event?

And if you want to level up, what environment will you create at your event for them to take that selfie in?  Will it be a sweet step and repeat backdrop of your iconic...

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The Text I Sent My Husband

sarah's blog Dec 16, 2021

The first time I read Bo Eason’s Book, There’s No Plan B for Your A Game, I instantly fell in love.

And by read, I mean Bo read it to me, via Audible, my BFF.

I love how it talks about making a ‘declaration’ about who you’re going to be or what you’re going to do.

I love how it talks about being the best.

I love how he translates that drive elite athletes just seem to ‘have’ into tangible and tactical advice I can leverage to go faster and accomplish more.

I instantly sent my husband this text.

Is that weird? I was worried it might have been a little bossy.

Here’s the thing though; he was on a road trip and I knew he had some ‘free time’ in the car and I was being ‘helpful’ by putting that time to good use for him.

But it really boils down to the fact that this book perfectly articulates the drive I feel inside of me to accomplish my dreams and it also perfectly articulates the kind of support I’ll need to...

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I gave up yesterday.

sarah's blog Dec 09, 2021

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I gave up yesterday. I didn’t sleep well (and that’s never a good start to my day.) I woke up with a sore throat (you know the kind you get right before you’re about to get sick.) I didn’t feel like working, like, at all. Of course, I had plenty to do.

I went for a walk. I thought maybe fresh air would help motivate me.
It didn’t.

I sat down at the computer. I figured if I sat there, maybe I’d work.

I didn’t.

After about an hour of sitting there, I realized productivity wasn’t going to come to me.
I switched gears.

If I can’t focus on “real” work, I do “fake” work.

Here’s what that looks like for me:

I grabbed the laundry, turned on an online course I needed to finish and started folding and learning. (Oh, I should mention, the course is about the next big “thing” I need to tackle in my business, a topic I’m totally green on. It’s always helpful...

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Amazon love

sarah's blog Dec 02, 2021

It was my kiddo’s teacher’s birthday the other day. And at 8:22 p.m. the night before the big day, I realized I’d forgotten to get her a gift.

I’d intended to get a gift. But I forgot.

My kiddo wanted to do something nice for her teacher and while a hand-drawn card would have done the trick, that would have meant bedtime would probably get pushed out another hour.

I was having none of that.

I hopped on Amazon Prime Now, picked a book, and one of their cute gift cards shaped like a bookmark placed the order, and in 45 minutes it was on our doorstep, just as we finished teeth brushing, PJs, and reading Press Here.

Do you love Amazon as much as I do?! I freaking LOVE Amazon.

It’s simple. They deliver what I want when I want it.

The peace of mind that comes with reliability is incredible. It’s why I keep shopping there.

I want to challenge you to think about your live event. Even if you’ve never done an event before. I know there’s one percolating...

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Gusto & Grace Journal, Volume 2, Issue 12

gusto & grace journal Dec 01, 2021

A monthly letter from the desk of Sarah Fejfar

Hey there

It’s such an exciting and hopeful time of 2021. Do you feel it too?!

When I looked back at our photos from the past month to select my favorite adventure to share with you, I was struck by the fact that so many of my favorites in November were the result of minuscule decisions. … tiny, hey why don’t we just stop here and check it out or let’s use what’s left of the afternoon to try something new, or let’s drive a little further and see what’s there, kind of adventures.

One Saturday we went on a hunt to recreate a picture I found on Instagram. Silly, perhaps, but one of the adventure inspiration accounts I follow posted this photo of a hiker at Trillium Lake up on Mount Hood, and never having been there myself, I instantly knew I had to have that picture too (but more so the adventure that went with getting it.)  It felt fun to succeed and then it led to us having the best time down...

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Don’t tell my husband about all the glitter

sarah's blog Nov 25, 2021

There’s glitter all over my kiddo’s flipping room. Like everywhere.

My husband is traveling. It’s been a longer-than-normal trip. My kiddo wanted to make him a welcome home card.

So sweet.

I made the sarcastic remark that “wouldn’t it be funny if you made the entire thing out of glitter? You know how much he loves glitter.”

She got a devilish smile on her face. She knows I’m lying.

She took my challenge seriously and during one of those moments the other day while I thought she was quietly, angelically, playing by herself, she made him a huge welcome home card, entirely out of glue and glitter.

It’s a work of art.


And there’s a mess of glitter everywhere.

My husband hates glitter.

In his defense, he has every reason to hate glitter.

Back when my kiddo was probably three years old or so, I was home alone with her and had to take a work call. Well, while I was supposedly “watching” her, she carefully took...

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