Don’t tell my husband about all the glitter

sarah's blog Nov 25, 2021

There’s glitter all over my kiddo’s flipping room. Like everywhere.

My husband is traveling. It’s been a longer-than-normal trip. My kiddo wanted to make him a welcome home card.

So sweet.

I made the sarcastic remark that “wouldn’t it be funny if you made the entire thing out of glitter? You know how much he loves glitter.”

She got a devilish smile on her face. She knows I’m lying.

She took my challenge seriously and during one of those moments the other day while I thought she was quietly, angelically, playing by herself, she made him a huge welcome home card, entirely out of glue and glitter.

It’s a work of art.


And there’s a mess of glitter everywhere.

My husband hates glitter.

In his defense, he has every reason to hate glitter.

Back when my kiddo was probably three years old or so, I was home alone with her and had to take a work call. Well, while I was supposedly “watching” her, she carefully took the bottle of extra-fine hot pink glitter out of the craft room and dumped the whole damn thing in the sensory table in the family room that I had just (that previous day) filled with dry white rice.

I get where she was going with that, it made it look extra fancy.

But then she proceeded to play in it and well, you can just imagine how many places that glitter was in around the house by the time I realized what she’d done?

That’s when the ‘glitter ban’ was instituted in our house.

But I never threw out the glitter. :) :) :)

Here’s why I embraced the welcome home card.

She got crafty. She got artistic. She got her hands messy.

We’re all artists at something. And I think indulging in that every once in a while, is a good thing.

That’s why for most of the live events I’ve led in my career I’ve poured a ton of energy into the event’s brand. Creating something and then carrying it through all the printed pieces, emails, videos, you name it, it’s so fun for me. That’s where I love to dabble. I test and try things out. I probably spend more time getting it ‘just right’ than I “should.” But it’s my art. And I love it. And it lights me up to do that work. So I spend the time.

What’s that look like for you when it comes to your event?

Give yourself permission to indulge in THAT.

It will make the entire event process infinitely more enjoyable for you. I promise.

Make it an outstanding day.


Sarah :)


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