I Pre-Frame with Trick Daddy

sarah's blog Nov 18, 2021

You can say it. It’s ok. I say the same thing to myself.

It’s weird.

When I need to get myself psyched up to do a thing, like a big writing project, I play Let’s Go. You know that one by Trick Daddy?

It’s Dave Hollis’ fault. He kept posting it on his Insta Stories with his latest running statistics from the Runtastic app and I got hooked.

But it does the trick.

And sometimes I forget to take it off repeat and then I realize I’ve been writing for a few hours and it’s still in my earbuds on repeat. Yikes.

Have you ever noticed how when you go to a concert there’s an opening act? Or how when you watch a sporting event on TV there’s a pre-game show?

You know why they’re doing that right?

They’re getting the guests fired up.

They’re getting the crowd in the right headspace to take in or do whatever is next.

The SAME GOES for your live event. You need to get your guests fired up.

What will that look like at your event?

Will it be...

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What do you eat?

sarah's blog Nov 11, 2021

I’m totally serious, what do you like to eat?

If I were to answer that question, my answer would sound super granola. I’m a green smoothie, mostly plants, organic, spring water only thank you very much kinda gal. With heavy doses of dark chocolate, stove-top popcorn, and kombucha, of course.

I want you super clear on what your “brand” of food & drink is.

Here’s why.

When you lead your live events, I want you to serve THAT kind of food & drink.

People are showing up for YOU. They’re showing up for YOUR brand.

It’s a good chance they like what you like, so serve THAT.

Don’t try and be someone you’re not.

If you’re not a sushi kind of dude, then don’t think you’re being fancy and serve sushi at your event.

If you’re not a gal who LOVES green juice, don’t serve it at your event.

Authenticity will win your guests over.

Remember that next time you’re pouring over catering menus wracked with indecision....

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sarah's blog Nov 04, 2021

I’m holding onto some event lanyards. Do you know the kind that holds your nametag?

I’ve gone to this one influencer’s event a bunch of times. In each event the lanyard has a different saying and is a different color. It’s kind of like a collector’s item.

Well not really, but I’ve made it into one, I guess.

These events I’ve gone to, mean something to me. One event got me over a fear. One event got me a skill I needed. One event gave me a network I didn’t have before (and didn’t even know I existed.)

It didn’t cost much, but the GIFT of that lanyard, gave me something to hold onto, a memento from each of those events.

Whether intended or not, they become something MEANINGFUL to me.

I want you to give that some thought.

What could you give your guests that would be useful and/or meaningful?

I have a love affair with gifting during events. Surprising people with thoughtful items in an event setting is one of my favorite things....

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Gusto & Grace Journal, Volume 2, Issue 11

gusto & grace journal Nov 01, 2021

A monthly letter from the desk of Sarah Fejfar

Hey there

As silly as it sounds, October 2021 will go down as the month I *didn’t* get COVID.  After 19 months of doing our best to live our lives and avoid getting sick, Cliff came home from a week-long guy’s trip to Moab, UT with COVID, even with his two Pfizer COVID vaccine shots.  We kept him isolated in one bedroom of our house for 12 days and managed to keep my kiddo and me from getting sick. #winning

While I spent more time than expected brushing up on my hospitality and nursing skills, our family did manage to get in a few adventures in #pacificwonderland in October.

My favorite adventure, hands down, was last night, trick or treating in our neighborhood for the first time since the pandemic hit.  There’s just something about people feeling good, together, that makes me smile: the shared experience of meeting neighbors, kids racing around with huge grins, and friends gathered around campfires in...

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Event Apathy

sarah's blog Oct 28, 2021

I’ve got this event coming up for that I bought tickets for months ago.

I absolutely love going to your events. Influencers put on the BEST events!

I call it R&D in my budget. But to be perfectly honest, it’s indulgent. I feel so darn lucky every time I get to go to an influencers’ live event.

It lights me up inside to see what ya’ll are working on and teaching and I freaking LOVE taking in all the excellent details you’ve spent months working on. It’s so. much. fun!

Here’s the problem.

At this event I’m planning to attend, I bought two tickets. One for my husband and one for myself. And it’s across the country. Four nights. Eek. That means I need childcare. And we’re not really in a position where we have any ‘easy’ options.

It’s making me really question whether we should go.

Apathy has set in.

Don’t get me wrong. I WANT TO GO. This event WILL BE amazing. But I still feel like opting out and throwing...

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It rains in Portland.

sarah's blog Oct 21, 2021

No duh.

It’s one of those ‘facts of life’ of living here in the City of Roses, or PDX, or Stumptown, or Bridge City, or Rip City; gosh I’ve never lived somewhere that had so many nicknames!

At my daughter’s school they fully embrace the philosophy that there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.

We’re instructed at the beginning of each school year to have her cubbie full of rain pants, a raincoat, and rain boots. And we’re scolded if she ever gets out of the car at drop off without a rain jacket on.

(For Pet’e’s sake it’s just a little mist! But I digress, the rain here is nothing like I’ve experience growing up my whole life in the Midwest. When it rains in Wisconsin and Minnesota you SEE IT COMING and it rains HARD.)

Do I have a point?


Does it relate to you?


Preparation is 99% of the game when it comes to live events. That’s why I spend a whole module in Live Event Academy™ giving you all the...

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Life hacks

sarah's blog Oct 14, 2021

I “finished” the laundry yesterday. I realize that’s an oxymoron. There’s never an end.

What I mean, is I got to a place where I can see the bottom of all the baskets. I feel like I won the lottery.

I have this system of eight white laundry baskets on a big silver commercial rack we got at Sam’s Club.

Four are labeled “dirty.” I use those to sort out the colors, towels, whites, and darks that need to be washed. The other four are labeled “Hubbie” “Sarah” “Kiddo” and “Towels.” I sort the clean stuff straight out of the dryer into those four.

Most of the time our clean clothes just sit there, and I never get around to folding and putting the stuff away. Wrinkles, I know.

But, that’s why most of my clothes don’t require ironing. Just like my laundry system, I keep my clothing simple. It’s less for me to think about so I can spend more time thinking about my business.

Do you have any...

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Do you love SoundHound as much as I do?

sarah's blog Oct 07, 2021

I found it just present on my phone. I was scrolling through Instagram admiring a Peloton dance party and heard this song I liked. So, I went into my SoundHound app to figure out the name [Cheerleader - the Felix Jaehn Remix Radio version].

And that was awesome. It never ceases to entertain me when I learn the name and artist of a song I like.

Anyhoo, while I was in the app I found my search history.

I forgot it was in there.

I found some gems that I don’t own yet! Now I’m going to go buy them on iTunes so I’ve got them for good.

I’ve been trying to be more intentional these days about collecting up music I like. I’ve learned the right music puts a smile on my face, and that’s a good thing.

So what’s this have to do with you?

Great question.

I like using SoundHound at events I attend because if I hear a song that’s really getting the audience fired up, or if I hear some perfect journaling music, I can look it up on the spot.

Give it a try....

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Gusto & Grace Journal, Volume 2, Issue 10

gusto & grace journal Oct 01, 2021

A monthly letter from the desk of Sarah Fejfar

Wanted to tell you… My favorite adventure from September is hands down, getting to drop my daughter off for her first day of in-person school since March 2020.  Wow.  What a gift.

I hope something amazing happened for you too in September.

And now it’s nearly mid-October!  Bring on the gorgeous Fall colors and chai tea lattes!

What did you learn last month?

Here’s a quick recap of my favorite learnings from September:

  1. I’m not managing stress as well as I thought. I came down with a case of shingles while planning a hybrid event for a client last month.  The first thing out of the doctor’s mouth was: “are you under a lot of stress…” it felt like an ironic question given what the world has gone through (and what I have gone through) over the past 20 months.  It’s been stressful, yes.  But seriously though… I thought I was managing it well so I’m...
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[RECIPE] My Green Smoothie

sarah's blog Sep 30, 2021

I eat the same thing for breakfast.


Yes, that makes me sound incredibly boring.

Yes, that makes me sound incredibly disciplined.

But not really.

I do it because it’s easy.

I do it because it’s healthy.

And maybe best of all, I do it because I don’t have to think about it. The less I have to think about, the better.

I can get more work minutes in when I clear the clutter in the spaces around my work blocks.

Do you follow?

Once my husband started working from home, just like I do, I started making them for him too. I can have breakfast made and cleaned up for both of us in 15 minutes. I love that.

So what’s in it?

5 oz. spinach or kale or a mix of the two*
1 cup of frozen blueberries*
2 T chia seeds
2 T flax seed meal
2 T hemp seeds
1/2 banana (for sweetness - optional)
1 1/2 cups spring water or coconut water

Easy peasy, right?


*Put the spinach/kale in first so things don’t get stuck in the blender.

**It’s important the blueberries are frozen so the...

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