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Greenroom Central | Events + Entrepreneurship

Greenroom Central | Events + Entrepreneurship

Hosted by: Sarah Fejfar

Read this if you’re already a successful entrepreneur and you’re ready to unlock your next level. Tune into The Greenroom Central Podcast™ and hear how busy online business owners, just like yourself, are leveraging...

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5 Journal Prompts to Help Overcome Fear [059]

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but, fearless is my 2023 word of the year. The truth is: it’s easy to allow fear into the driver’s seat. Listen to hear 5 journal prompts to help overcome any fear that might be holding...
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3 Things That Should Never Be on Your Dream Event Vision Board [058]

I'm allergic to wasting time. So, if there's something I can do (or not do) to accelerate results, I'm all in. Listen to hear 3 things that should NEVER be on your vision board if you don't want it to be a waste of...
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How to Make a Dream Event Vision Board That Actually Works [057]

Ever had a vision board that didn’t work? The trick is: first, get clear on the vision. Listen to learn how to make a vision board that actually helps to manifest your dream event. Join the Linchpin Nation community,...
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Store Your Event Like Holiday Décor [056]

Show of hands: next year, do you want to unbox the lights and get to detangle them and replace broken bulbs before use? No? Listen to hear six best practices for storing your event like holiday décor so the next one...
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Show Up Strategies to Help You Sell More [055]

Every digital CEO I’ve met wants to drive more event revenue. But, it’s often overlooked that not everyone who registers shows up, which directly affects offer sales. Listen to hear easy-to-implement show up...
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How to Manifest Your Dream Event [054]

If you’re anything like me, manifestation wasn’t on the list of things you thought you needed to know to grow a business, much less events.  But actually, it’s VIP. Listen to hear the three steps to manifesting your...
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Crush Your Event Goal Faster Using ClickUp with Kaci Ackerman [053]

It’s hard to argue with the fact that hosting an event is a lot of work. There are so many tasks, RIGHT?! Listen to hear how project management systems like ClickUp can make crushing our event goals easier, faster,...
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Advanced Chat Moderation Strategies [052]

I was surprised to learn there’s a correlation between chat engagement and in-event sales. Listen to hear how a well moderated chat keeps more guests engaged, staying longer, seeing your offer, and buying. Who doesn’t...
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How to Sell Your Event on Instagram [051]

The truth is, on Instagram we don’t get 60 minutes in one shot to sell an event ticket. But we do get lots of little moments. Listen to hear how they stack over time, creating an evidence file in our potential guest’s...
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How to Look Pro Team on Stage [050]

Is easy to think what we wear defines how we look on stage.  But that’s just not true. Listen to hear 7 simple things, that will without a doubt, make you look pro team on stage (and they have nothing to do with...
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7 Ways to Bring Your Gratitude Practice Into Your Event [049]

It’s impossible to feel grateful and afraid at the same time. Good thing we have gratitude to fall back on when times get tough. Listen for 7 ways to bring your gratitude practice into your next event so you can feel...
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What to Do If Less People Show Up Than Planned [048]

I’m often asked what to do when less people are showing up to an event than planned. It never feels good when our registration goals aren’t met, but DON'T FREAK OUT! Listen to hear the five steps to take if you ever...
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