Greenroom Central | Events + Entrepreneurship

Greenroom Central | Events + Entrepreneurship

Hosted by: Sarah Fejfar

Read this if you’re already a successful entrepreneur and you’re ready to unlock your next level. Tune into The Greenroom Central Podcast™ and hear how busy online business owners, just like yourself, are leveraging...

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Playing the Long Game: How to Cultivate a Strategic Mindset for Events In Your Business [076]

You’ve probably heard big-name influencers admit that events are the least profitable thing they do, yet they keep doing them. It’s a strategic mindset shift worth considering. Listen now as I break it down for...
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Yacht Rental Fails: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Have you ever thought: “wouldn’t it be cool if we rented a yacht for our next event?” Yes?! Awesome! Keep listening for 5 mistakes to avoid so your event feels bougie and doesn’t bomb. Join the Linchpin Nation...
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Connecting the Dots: Mapping Your Ascension Model and the Strategic Placement of Events [074]

Unlock the power of events in your business! If you're struggling to visualize their role and fit within your ascension model, this is for you. Listen now to discover the 3 steps to overcome this hurdle and gain...
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Unexpected Lessons from My 30 Day Juice Fast: How to Elevate Your Next Event [073]

I didn’t eat for 30 days. Crazy, right?! Listen to hear my experience and how it can help you take your events to the next level. Get ready to discover the surprising connections between fasting and event...
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The Arrival Experience: Pro Team Style [072]

The number one question every single human walking into your event is asking themselves is: “how do I fit in?!” Listen to hear three secrets on how to answer that question in a truly pro team way.  Join the Linchpin...
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How to Sell More Copies of Your Book Using Events [071]

Have you seen how many big name thought leaders are using events to sell more copies of their books? It’s all the rage right now and you can do it too. Listen now to hear how. Join the Linchpin Nation community, a...
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These Are the 8 Ways to a More Profitable Event with Katrina Sawa [070]

Profiting from events can sometimes feel like a puzzle.  Today our special guest takes the mystery out of the process by sharing her framework for success. Listen to hear our special guest share 8 ways to a more...
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How to Start Small With Events [069]

True or False: you’ve sat in the audience at a big conference and thought “I want this.” But then reality sets in and you realize your potential guest list is a fraction of the size. Not to worry. Listen for 5...
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Creative Ideas for Your Next Conference with Adim Coleman [068]

If you’ve ever thought “a large-scale conference is for me,” but you want YOUR event to stand out, creatively, then this is for YOU. Listen to hear creative ideas for your next conference from creative production...
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How to Not Lose Money on Your Next Event [067]

If you’ve ever wanted a profitable live event, I need you to know that the starting line is breaking even. Listen now for a simple formula and some nuances that will prove helpful in your aim to not lose money on your...
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How to Get Big-Name Guest Speakers [066]

If you’ve ever wanted to land a really special guest speaker, this is for you. Getting a big-name guest speaker to come to your event is easier than you may think. Listen now for five tips that will help you feel more...
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Host More Engaging Zoom Events with Robbie Samuels [065]

Have you ever been on a boring Zoom? Did it make you reconsider hosting virtual events? The truth is, they don’t have to be that way. Listen now to hear how to create highly engaging Zoom events from the man who...
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