I Pre-Frame with Trick Daddy

sarah's blog Nov 18, 2021

You can say it. It’s ok. I say the same thing to myself.

It’s weird.

When I need to get myself psyched up to do a thing, like a big writing project, I play Let’s Go. You know that one by Trick Daddy?

It’s Dave Hollis’ fault. He kept posting it on his Insta Stories with his latest running statistics from the Runtastic app and I got hooked.

But it does the trick.

And sometimes I forget to take it off repeat and then I realize I’ve been writing for a few hours and it’s still in my earbuds on repeat. Yikes.

Have you ever noticed how when you go to a concert there’s an opening act? Or how when you watch a sporting event on TV there’s a pre-game show?

You know why they’re doing that right?

They’re getting the guests fired up.

They’re getting the crowd in the right headspace to take in or do whatever is next.

The SAME GOES for your live event. You need to get your guests fired up.

What will that look like at your event?

Will it be loud music? Will it be a calming meditation? Will it be an MC?

Noodle on it for a while today.

Make it an outstanding day.


Sarah :)


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