Gusto & Grace Journal, Volume 3, Issue 8

gusto & grace journal Sep 15, 2022

A monthly letter from the desk of Sarah Fejfar 

I hope this note finds you loving life and feeling a sense of joy and gratitude for all the experiences you and your loved ones enjoyed over the summer.

I always love to share a favorite adventure with you in the hopes it inspires you to create some with your family and friends. It’s just that I would be hard pressed to select just one that was my favorite since I last wrote.

Here are a few highlights… Spending a month in Northern Door County, WI was nothing short of magical. Celebrating my 42nd birthday over Door County cherry pie was delicious. The YMCA of the Rockies was a fun family experience and perhaps the best accidental find ever. Rocky Mountain National Park was stunning. The Glenwood, CO Hot Springs were so fun to float in. Celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary over family dinner at home was relaxing (got to sit outside and enjoy corn on the cob!) The Bandon Dunes Golf Resort was breathtaking. Oregon is gorgeous!!!! The ATVers at Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area was so fun to watch.

With four months left in the year, it’s got me wondering, what was your most powerful learning last month and how will it help you crush more goals before the end of the year?

Here’s a few things I learned: 

  1. Knowing the way someone learns is incredibly powerful information. Some people learn through story, some through frameworks - visual, some through metrics and still others through metaphors. I took a moment to reflect last month on how I learn (frameworks - visual) and how that differs from my clients and family members. It’s helpful because it can relieve day to day communication barriers but also it can help us craft better presentations for our audience members at our events. If people aren’t picking up what we’re putting down, that’s a problem. Good thing we have tools to resolve it.
  2. Taking breaks and micro resets throughout the day during highly intense work seasons is STILL a good idea. :)
  3. Planning and going on adventures is A LOT of work, AND it’s worth it. Holding that torch for your family or friend group is a big responsibility and so fulfilling; I highly encourage it!

I’d love to know, what are you working on this month?

Here’s what I’m tackling: 

  1. I’m helping a client produce a retreat overseas this month and working through the final preparations.
  2. I’m working on setting up a system to help me guest on more podcasts.
  3. I’m preparing for an upcoming virtual event for a client by studying their past virtual event footage.

Make it an outstanding September.

Warm Regards,


Sarah Fejfar
Founder of Live Event Academy™
Coaching | Consulting | Courses
www.sarahfejfar.com | @sarahfejfar
Pacific Time Zone
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