My Secret to Discipline

sarah's blog Aug 26, 2021

You wanna know my secret to “acquiring” discipline?

It’s removing the decision.

That’s my trick.

Every time I make the decision to “remove the decision,” the discipline I’m looking for magically appears.

What do I mean?

If there’s an area of life or business I’m looking to be more disciplined in, once I remove the decision to do anything but the thing I’m wanting to do, magic happens.

Take breakfast. I’ve decided, that there isn’t a decision to be made there. I drink my green smoothie every day. Period. It’s not up for discussion. There's no decision to be made. I want to fuel my body with healthy things, so this is what I do.

There's no decision to be made.

Where do you need to decide, that there are no longer “options?”

If you're feeling brave, reply to this email and let me know. I promise I'll read it and I would honestly love to hear your story.

Sending you love and courage.

Make it an outstanding day.


Sarah :)

p.s. We should hang out more often.  Come join me on Instagram.  See you there!


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