Download The Break-Even Point Formula™ to find out how to go from being worried about the money stuff to profitable without overwhelm.

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"I've used these exact steps to successfully put on events for over 15 years while achieving my event vision AND accomplishing my budget goals.  A must-have for hosting a live event with confidence." - Sarah Fejfar

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"If you want a profitable live event, the starting line is breaking even."

- Sarah Fejfar, founder of Live Event Academy™

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  • The #1 ACTION to take if you want to sell a higher-priced event
  • Why "obsessively checking" your budget isn't as useful as you would imagine
  • How to discern what you REALLY want to invest in
  • The SURPRISING outcome of hosting your own live event
  • The PITFALLS of pricing an event
  • The CRAZY SIMPLE formula for finding your break-even point

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